Our Mission

Our core mission is to Make Water Famous – to spread the word about the value of water at every level from each household to every community to decision-makers around the world.

Climate change means our water problems are not going away any time soon, but there are many ways to solve them and some of these solutions can transform not only lives, but whole ecosystems.

By creating a news platform and encouraging people to join in and share stories, we hope more people will hear about the innovations and initiatives being brought to bear in cities and communities across the world.

As a not-for-profit organisation, revenue from our partners is used to build the platform and run projects that engage people with our planetary water challenges in a positive and creative way.

This initiative supports United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 6 - to ensure access to water and sanitation for all - and like water, runs through every other SDG.

Our team

Make Water Famous is the inspiration of Natasha Wiseman, a water journalist, communicator and entrepreneur with a commitment to sharing water stories. Having worked in the water industry for over 15 years, Natasha has covered every water issue going - pollution, floods, droughts, leaks - but usually from the perspective of finding innovative and inspiring solutions.

The Make Water Famous team includes Calie Rydings, a water communicator with over a decade in journalism, also specialising in food, farming and animal welfare. Nancy Smith, a natural story teller who specialises in social sciences and features. Leilah Nicola completes the current editorial team - she has also built a career in water communications and regional news journalism.

  • Natasha Wiseman
  • Calie Rydings
  • Leilah Nicola
  • Nancy Smith

Our values

Community – benefit to local communities is at the heart of the decisions we make - even our office rent goes to ONCA, an environmental arts charity.

Wellbeing – mental and physical health is embedded in our purpose and our operation, whether that’s bringing positive news about life-changing water projects, engaging with local communities, or managing the needs of our staff and their families.

Diversity and inclusion - water is experienced very differently by different groups, locally and globally; we seek to bring stories from the margins and build a diverse team of our own to ensure that inclusion is embedded in our operation.

Sustainability - we are always looking for ways to minimise our water and carbon impact in the choices we make in selecting products, services and transport.

Curiosity – we all have so much to learn about water and we are building a participatory community where everyone can come together with engaging, entertaining, creative and educational initiatives.

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