What can I do?

Whether it’s sparking a conversation, sharing a story, writing a song or creating your own project, there’s plenty that can be done to raise awareness about water. Join our global community to share in the experiences of others who care as much as you.

Tell us your ideas to help Make Water Famous - maybe our community can share your news too!

Get creative

Creative workshops and cultural events are a great way of connecting people with water. We all can Make Water Famous by coming together to share experiences, having fun and inspiring others to get involved.

Is there a better way to make water famous than through song? Our resident musicians Naomi Bedford and Paul Simmonds are leading song-writing workshops for songs about water with schools and community groups across the UK. The workshops are suitable for everyone, any age – even if you can’t sing a note.

Naomi and Paul can also support musicians and teachers with materials to run your own Make Water Famous song-writing workshop. You can even book a Make Water Famous song-writing workshop for your festival or community event. Or run a song-writing competition in your local area.

Radio shows and podcasts

Our local community radio station in Brighton have let us host a monthly show just about water - it's coming soon, so watch this space. We think this is the only radio show dedicated to water in the UK, but we don’t want to be alone.

Can you start a podcast or radio show about water? Use our water news to get the conversation going.

Image: Soundtrap on Unsplash

Festivals and cultural events

Ever thought of making water the theme of your community event or festival? Here are some ideas for watery workshops and entertainment – let us know what you’re planning and maybe we can help

Image: Jason Yuen on Unsplash
  • Song-writing - workshops and competitions
  • Storytelling - watery myths and legends
  • Sound-baths – a water-saving cleanse
  • Science and engineering playtime
  • Comedy and poetry with a watery edge
  • Engaging talks from expert speakers
  • Music and dance - a show with flow
  • Art installations with water at their heart

Storytelling masterclasses

As water storytellers, we know what a vast and complex topic this is - and how there is always more to learn. We also have decades of specialised multimedia experience in journalism and communications embedded in our team, along with a vast network of experts in the field of water.

The climate crisis will be felt through water, and knowledge about water will help those telling the stories do so in the most effective way possible, whether they are scientists, engineers, journalists, business leaders or students.

We are looking for partners in industry, media and academia who want to share the expertise in our network with their teams and their students - or even groups outside their organisations.

Image: Vanilla Bear Films on Unsplash

Our bespoke Make Water Famous Storytelling Masterclasses will help sharpen your ability to identify and craft story ideas around water and environmental themes. Delivered face-to-face or online, you will engage with experts in the fields of water and media & communications and build your knowledge and your network.

Our mission is to Make Water Famous - what better way than to transfer expertise and make better communicators of everyone.

Water transformation

We are all part of the same planetary water cycle, which makes the global water crisis the responsibility of every one of us. Through Make Water Famous we are bringing together individuals, communities, creative artists and water stakeholders with the same purpose – to learn from each other and to transform to a water rich and environmentally sustainable planet.

The smallest actions contribute to everyday consciousness on water, moving us all towards transformation in the way water resources are managed. Together we can Make Water Famous.

Image: Matthew Feeney on Unsplash