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Make Water Famous founder Natasha shares water-saving tips with Sarah Gorrell on BBC Radio Sussex

We want to reach more people with the good news about water and what we can all do to ensure it is available everywhere for everyone.

Our team is happy to provide media comment and interviews on a wide range of watery topics - from top tips on saving water to the latest leakage technologies - and how sewage is a fabulous resource.

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There are many challenges on water and we seek to collaborate with organisations that share our vision for a plentiful water future. The issues affect businesses as they affect society at large and increasingly people expect companies and other stakeholders to step-up and play their part.

Using your business or organisation to make a positive contribution to local communities and addressing the global water crisis can enhance opportunities and add value to your brand. Partnering with Make Water Famous is an effective way of engaging customers and employees and building trust, by demonstrating that a secure future for them and their families is part of your mission.

Through close relationships with our industry partners and water stakeholders we can support accurate and balanced water journalism, community engagement and artistic projects designed to entertain, inform and connect us with water and our water environment. We are all part of the water cycle, which makes the global water crisis the responsibility of every one of us.

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