Digital water museum goes live

Interacting with water at Hidrodoe museum in Belgium. Image: Hidrodoe

A digital exhibition of water images has gone live thanks to the Global Network of Water Museums (WAMU-NET).

I Remember Water features over 600 images from across the world that tell stories of our connection to water. The team of curators has selected the most representative images from 60 participating institutions as a taster of the watery worlds featured in museums affiliated to WAMU-NET.

The exhibition is across six digital halls, each curated by a different artist, with the themes life, heritage, play, spirituality, belonging and transformation. The curators say the images "illustrate the diversity and similarity of humankind’s connections with water".

WAMU-NET is a non-profit based in Venice, Italy, which aims to reconnect people with water. They say that the images have been carefully selected, and involved intensive discussions with all the curators to ensure that they all convey universal water memories.

The organisation says about its mission, "This key knowledge - inherited from countless generations - can still inspire new perceptions and behaviours towards water and encourage more far-sighted water management today."

WAMU-NET cooperates with more than 70 museums and institutions located in 31 countries worldwide. This incredibly knowledgeable network is seeking to promote innovative solutions to the global water crisis.

They say, "While exploring the fundamental values of any kind of water heritage - whether natural or cultural, tangible or intangible - we look forward to reconnecting past water management practices to technical innovation in order to inspire more sustainable futures."