Hundreds of PhD opportunities opening up in water

Image: CDC / Unsplash

Hundreds of watery opportunities for PhD students are opening up at universities all around the world, according to a list compiled by the Josh's Water Jobs platform.

From water in primitive asteroids, to water storage on the Tibetan plateau, to the hydrology of Aboriginal water assets in Australia, to empowering young people in the UK in water sustainability, the phenomenal range of opportunities reflects the reality - that water is everywhere and is in everything.

Founded by water consultant Dr Josh Newton in 2011, Josh's Water Jobs has the core purpose of connecting people with jobs and opportunities in the world of water. PhD opportunities are posted every week, and over 200 PhDs appear on the latest list, which is dedicated to doctoral research.

Newton says, "This my favourite list of the year, because of how absolutely fascinating many of the topics are that appear here."

He says that the list is increasing 50% year on year, which is "Just huge". The list is divided by country, and some 96% of PhDs are for anyone to apply for, from anywhere in the world.

"This is the time of year when we’re in the academic hiring season and, specifically, the UK has their larger PhD grant programmes active right now," he says, explaining that the vast majority of the opportunities on the list are coming out of UK institutions.

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