Good hair day - clever conditioner saves water

Image: Taisiia Stupak on Unsplash

Cosmetic giant Garnier has launched a no-rinse hair conditioner, promising a saving of up to 100 litres of water per tube and zero rinse waste.

The product is manufactured in one of the company’s “waterloop” factories, where all industrial water is retreated, recycled and reused in a loop. Garnier, part of the L’Oréal Group, says cutting out the rinsing of conditioner could save around seven litres of water per hair wash.

This, combined with the waterloop manufacturing process, meant each tube of no-rinse conditioner could save around 100 litres of water, compared to a 200ml bottle of traditional conditioner.

Mathieu Richomme, sustainability project manager at Garnier says: “If people want to be more sustainable then they need to be willing to make small changes to their lives – even if it means changing the way they wash their hair.”

Image: Garnier

The conditioner was launched alongside Garnier’s One Green Step 2022 campaign, which has published an annual report highlighting a growing awareness of environmental challenges. The global study looked at the opinions of 29,000 people across nine different countries, and concluded that 83% of people want to adopt more sustainable habits in 2022.

"If people want to be more sustainable then they need to be willing to make small changes to their lives"

Mathieu Richomme, Garnier

L’Oréal Group has an ambitious water sustainability programme, in which waterloop factories and product innovation play a key role.

It has reduced the amount of water used in plants and distribution centres by 51% compared to 2005 and five of its factories now operate under the waterloop concept. Among its targets is to recycle and reuse 100% of water used in industrial processes by 2030.

Inside the Garnier waterloop plant.

In 2021, the group was highlighted as a world leader in corporate sustainability - including in the area of ensuring water security - by CDP, a not-for-profit that runs a global environmental disclosure system for companies, cities, states and regions.