Fight the fatberg with LEGO sewer heroes

Image: The LEGO Group. Created by LEGO® Ideas member MOCingbird.

An exciting LEGO Ideas design - Sewer Heroes: Fighting the Fatberg - needs 10,000 supporters for the chance of becoming an official LEGO set.

The concept turns the spotlight on urban underground infrastructure in a way never previously seen in LEGO, by playfully bringing into focus one of the biggest challenges facing our sewer systems - blockages caused by fat, oil and grease - FOG. Unflushable products like wet wipes and sanitary items combine with FOG in sewerage, potentially solidifying into giant fatbergs.

LEGO Ideas member MOCingbird, described as a 30-something from Berlin, Germany, has featured previously in Make Water Famous for another sewerage inspired design, which was created to highlight crucial water infrastructure, and the people working underground.

"Despite their essential contributions to society, the people working in the water and wastewater usually remain invisible to the public. It's about time for a change!"

MOCingbird, LEGO Ideas member

The new set aims to educate kids and adults about what is going on beneath our city streets, with a 360-degree underground cutaway display, starring the dauntless members of a fatberg removal team at work.

In the model's front section, which features a burger restaurant, LEGO fans can move the sewer workers - dubbed FOG Busters through their tough mission, learning about the challenges of the profession along the way, and helping to fight the fatberg by unblocking the sewer.

Meanwhile, turning the set around enables kids and adults to trace the stream of FOG and other unflushables - which helps to raise awareness of the direct connection between the sewer blockages and the problematic things being flushed down wastewater pipes, shown at the back of the set.

MOCingbird believes it is important to acknowledge people working in water and wastewater, often in dangerous and unpleasant conditions.

"Millions of professionals around the world are involved in designing, constructing, operating, managing and maintaining our cities' crucial water and wastewater infrastructure - keeping the water cycle running smoothly at all times.

"But despite their essential contributions to society, the people working in the water and wastewater industry, in hundreds of different types of indispensable jobs, usually remain invisible to the public, not getting the amount of recognition they deserve - both in real life and in our LEGO cities. It's about time for a change!"

MOCingbird's prior LEGO Ideas submissions - Basement & Sewerage and The World of Civil Engineering: Types of Bridges (currently under review) - both reached 10,000 supporters. With your help, Sewer Heroes: Fighting the Fatberg could become their third 10K design - and could even reach the shelves of a toyshop near you.

You can find the Support button, a detailed project description and more pictures on the LEGO IDEAS project page.