Water innovation hub launched in Washington

Image: Hester Qiang on Unsplash

Water sector leaders are coming together to accelerate solutions to the world’s critical water and sustainability challenges.

The Reservoir Centre for Water Solutions (RCWS), located in the US in Washington DC, will serve as a global collaboration hub to advance breakthrough water solutions and innovations. The Centre is intended to strengthen collaboration among the diverse set of stakeholders - including academics, technology providers, trade associations and non-government organisations - who will work together towards solving global water challenges, by bringing together their existing resources, knowledge, and partnerships to drive progress.

“We’re at a critical juncture for water."

Mami Hara, US Water Alliance.

The Centre has 33 partners, including the US Water Alliance, the International Water Association, EarthEcho International, the Aspen Institute, and Reservoir sponsor and global water technology company, Xylem.

Through innovation programmes, education and mentoring, and community outreach, it aims to create a vibrant hub for ideation and action on challenges like water scarcity, resilience and water affordability. Ahead of its launch, the Centre hosted a variety of events ranging from river clean-ups, networking gatherings, and webinars.

“We’re at a critical juncture for water,” said Mami Hara, chief executive of the US Water Alliance. “Infrastructure stimulus and innovation mean we are now better placed than ever to address challenges around investment in water, climate resilience, water equity, and more.

"The Reservoir Centre will be an important catalyst for progress – providing a common ground to advance knowledge sharing, cultivate partnerships and foster inclusive participation.”

Kate Jaffee, assistant director of environment and climate at the Aspen Institute said, “We’re pleased to join with the other partners in the establishment of the Reservoir Centre. Water sits at the centre of so many of our global challenges. With this consortium, we pave the way for deeper, more inclusive dialogue – and bold action – on one of the major issues of our time.”

"It’s a place where, together, we can write the next chapter for water and continue our work towards a more sustainable world.”

Patrick Decker, Xylem.

“Establishing the Reservoir Centre is a commitment to strengthening collaboration within the water sector, and to strengthening water’s voice beyond it,” said Patrick Decker, president and chief executive of Xylem. “The Centre will be a hub for those interested in helping solve the world's water challenges to come together, deepen relationships, break down barriers and fast-track solutions. It’s a place where, together, we can write the next chapter for water and continue our work towards a more sustainable world.”

The Reservoir Centre formally opened on 15 June 2022.