Water story - Matt Damon tells all

Children enjoy clean water. Image: Water.org

Celebrated movie actor Matt Damon has co-authored a new book telling the true story of his mission to help end the global water crisis.

Around the world, more than three-quarters of a billion people have no clean water source near their homes; and 1.7 billion do not have access to a toilet. This crisis affects a third of the people on the planet.

It keeps kids out of school and women out of work. It traps people in extreme poverty. It spreads disease.

Along with water expert and engineer Gary White, Damon founded two nonprofits - Water.org and WaterEquity. In The Worth of Water, these two unlikely allies explain that the water crisis is solvable.

That is the conviction that brought them together and they explain how they have spent years getting the answer wrong, then halfway right, then almost right. Over time, through their organisation Water.org, they have found an approach that works.

Working with partners across east Africa, Latin America, south Asia, and south-east Asia, they have helped over 40 million people access water and sanitation. In The Worth of Water, Gary and Matt take the reader on that journey—telling stories as they uncover insights, try out new ideas, and travel between the communities they serve and the halls of power where decisions get made.

Publisher Penguin Random House says, "With humour and humility, they illuminate the challenges of launching a brand-new model with extremely high stakes: better health and greater prosperity for people all over the world. The Worth of Water invites us to become a part of this effort—to match hope with resources, to empower families and communities, and to end the global water crisis for good."

Former US president Bill Clinton says, “I feel lucky to have been there for that first, fateful meeting—at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2008—between a movie star with a passion for global development and a water and sanitation engineer with years of on-the-ground expertise. More than a decade later, that unlikely pair has helped transform the lives of millions of people around the world through safe water and sanitation.

"Matt and Gary’s vision is clear, their strategy is smart and effective, and their faith in their fellow human beings is at the heart of everything they do. This book isn’t only an exciting read, it’s a rewarding and important one.”

All the authors' proceeds from The Worth of Water are donated to Water.org.